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Advertising and promotion

In order for you to be noticed, website promotion is necessary.
In our work, we use the whole range of Internet marketing tools.
Specialization and professionalism are confirmed by Google.
Three fixed rates in which you pay for the work done.
We focus not on the numerical indicators of the advertising cabinet, but on real leads or sales.
Depending on the number of requests, the launch takes up to 5 days. For projects with a wide range - from 10 days.
It all begins with strategy.
Strategy - we are developing the best option for website promotion. We analyze the product or service and select the most effective tools.
If the product/service is new, we choose display advertising and promotion on social networks.

Display ad

Display advertising is one of the most effective ways to attract visitors to the site, as well as creating a positive brand image. We select the most effective resources for each specific case.

In addition, we take into account factors directly affecting the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Carefully selected resources and factors will help reduce advertising costs. We also set up remarketing – showing a new advertisement to users who have visited your site before.

SMM, social media promotion

We promote brands and companies in social networks, which will create and/or establish a channel for communication with potential customers. An active presence on social networks allows you to attract new customers, make the target audience more reachable, and increase website traffic.

We create and promote groups and communities, draw up content strategies, launch targeted advertising, set up advertising campaigns on social media, and monitor the mention of the brand/product on social networks. Depending on the goals and objectives, you can choose the range of services that you need.

If the product/service is recognizable, then we select SEO and contextual advertising.

Website Promotion (SEO)

We promote websites, which allows us to bring them to leading positions in search engines. This increases user confidence, and hence the traffic to a particular site, which will subsequently lead to increased sales.

The desired result is achieved by implementing internal and external search engine optimization – changing the structure, code, and content of the site, as well as creating the correct link environment. This gives an increase in the relevance of user queries and an increase in positions in search results.

Contextual Advertising (AdWords)

We set up contextual advertising, that is, place advertisements on the pages of search engine results. Such advertising is purposefully offered to a user who is interested in a product or service.

We carefully select a list of keywords and configure advertisements so that they are broadcast exclusively to the target audience – all in order for the advertisement to be effective. At the same time, advertising can be displayed on any device, including mobile, which will convey your advertising message to potential customers.

Attracting a new client is becoming more and more expensive every day, therefore it is necessary to work with existing customers and maintain loyalty, then we use emails and SMM.

Email Marketing

We set up email marketing – one of the tools of Internet promotion, which allows you to interact with e-mails with customers who contacted earlier. We do newsletters only on the provided contact database, which will allow us to convey information and offers and will initiate repeat sales.

In addition to mailing, we also develop a letter template that will be adapted for various devices, including mobile ones, which means that it will be convenient for customers to read received letters. In addition, we set up links in emails to track the effectiveness of the newsletter.

Reputation management

It is much easier to gain an online reputation or, on the contrary, lose one’s reputation, as millions of people will instantly see a negative review left by someone. This information does not disappear anywhere and can come up at any time.

In this regard, we help to create a positive image of a business or person on the Internet. To make this work effectively, we analyze the presence of both a specific company and competitors in the network, regularly work with resources where there are reviews about the company, and monitor them.

You have traffic, sales, but you don’t know which tool generates income. In this case, traffic analytics and audit will optimize the advertising campaign.

Analytics and Consulting

If you do not have a website or if it does not bring the desired results – you have an unchanged number of customers and a low level of sales, a lower position in search engines compared to competitors – you need to determine the right marketing strategy for your business, as well as the most effective ways to achieve it.

We define a list of changes that need to be implemented on the site, as well as a list of activities necessary for the effective development of an online business. We conduct full-fledged analytics, assess the site’s user-friendliness, and analyze advertising campaigns. To improve the effectiveness of the site, sometimes only minor changes are sufficient, which means that it is not necessary to allocate large budgets.